As the founder and “chef” of WARHORSE, I welcome you to TCW—my new adventure to the superpower of simple, multi use cleaning recipes that will help you keep moving. The WARHORSE journey has been an awesome learning experience. Since I jumped out of my high school classroom into a competitive, eco entrepreneur industry, I am still learning from my small success and my big failures. The 21st century has been kicking me around pretty good. My biggest lesson? I’ve learned that I need to bring my little company home—I mean home on my “farm.” Serving our customers can be done from my hometown.

In order to serve our customers better, we now make some small batches based on special seasonal crops and ingredients, add extras in your orders, and handle each shipment with special attention. We’re happy to have a growing family team at home in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Most importantly, my grandchildren can get an early start on their work ethic by helping—and we know work ethic and grit are disappearing. My toddling, stubborn grand daughter is already putting our free samples in the order and sweeping the shop floor. Before long, she’ll be writing the thank you notes. Now that I’m a grandmother, my life has changed in wonderful ways, and my work has evolved, once again.

And, Yes! you can still get your WARHORSE.

Besides adding family to the team, we’ve been foraging for new farm partners and new superfoods to build some new powerful and simple recipes to keep you working and competing. The mission hasn’t changed—just intensified.

The superpower Omega 3 Ahiflower is the point guard of a new recipe that might just give you and your whole family, farm, or business some advantages and enjoyment, more health and wellness support, more environmental safety, more concentrated value, more peace of mind. Your skin (your horse, dog, water buffalo) will love it.

And, due to requests, we’ve just bulked up our bulk options (seems some folks are sharing a gallon with friends and family to save even more).

Please keep the criticism and suggestions coming. It’s how we improve.