Warhorse Solutions: Moving into the light

Warhorse is sometimes misunderstood, and it's quite understandable.  We've been so busy--moving on, scaling up, researching, collaborating, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning--we haven't really shown everyone what we're up to.  

Here's some info:

  • Our line of commercial biobased Warhorse Multi Purpose Cleaner and our Warhorse Leather Cleaner are made from used cooking oils  that may have been grown in WNC or southeast, may have been used by a local restaurant, a Red Cross fundraiser, a plant-based biofuel producer (like Blue Ridge Biofuels in Newton, NC) to make biofuel, then byproducts move on to Warhorse. NO PETROLEUM is used in our products.
  • No, we don't make nitro glycerin. We use natural vegetable glycerin and other natural oils in our formulas, which are lab tested.
  • And no, we haven't moved to Georgia. Warhorse went to Savannah and lived in an  RV trailer for about 4 months, doing some Research & Development. Now, we have our own technology and shop, thanks to a local patroness who helped us find a building with a loading dock and some open space. Our new soap microbrewery is in Landrum.
  • AND no I didn't leave teaching because I was sick of teenagers.  In fact, Warhorse has hired the skill and talent of many Polk High graduates. This company and our chemistry was born from a Polk Co. High classroom and student.  This interview with Polk native and my former English student is the beginning. We've continued to hire and and collaborate with Polk graduates. They're creative, innovative, and motivated--Warhorses on the move.

Actions speak louder than words, so take a gander at the pics, and I'm sure you'll still be a little confused.  Pics show my lovely home in the corner of a biofuel plant in Savannah. I called it Mosquito Flats, as a huge water-filled container sat right next to my camper and birthed many a mosquito.  My husband Carl, below, dug the water line, put in the electrical hookup and left me there--all good and part of the plan.  Lots of cleaning testing and research, assisted by my fellow biofuel explorer and fellow teacher, Kim. Then back home to set up my own refining and soap brewery, which required lots of help, engineering, and a jam up flash evaporator and distillation unit.