Warhorse has got green in his blood.


There are many uses of the word "green."  Warhorse has the goal of using green as it is defined by the EPA's Green Chemistry 12 Principles. You can read more here if you'd like.


Here's Principle 7, and it's the foundation for our Warhorse dark Multi Purpose Cleaner: Use renewable feedstocks: Use starting materials (also known as feedstocks) that are renewable rather than depletable. The source of renewable feedstocks is often agricultural products or the wastes of other processes; the source of depletable feedstocks is often fossil fuels (petroleum, natural gas, or coal) or mining operations.  Here at Warhorse Solutions, several of our products are made from recycled cooking oil, most often soybean and canola.  But it's been used for food and for fuel, before coming to us.

 After the restaurants are finished using it for cooking, it goes to a biofuel company, like Blue Ridge Biofuels in Asheville, NC , where part of the oil is captured and used to make biofuel for companies and people who like to fill up their diesel engines with some plant-derived, recycled natural oils. Then the leftover oils and glycerin are distilled and become the foundation for Warhorse Multi Purpose. People often ask: "Why is this Warhorse cleaner so dark?" Some of the fatty acids in the oil turn dark from high temperatures. However,  the oils and glycerin still have awesome potential. The goal is to capture as much energy from a signal oil molecule without wasting it, getting as many uses from it as possible, and producing a safer cleaning product for people and environment. From farm, to table, to fuel, to Warhorse cleaners, and back to communities.  We could spend a lot more energy changing the color, but we like our signature dark Warhorse cleaner.

After Warhorse's naturally aggressive dark cleaner found success, we jumped into more green chemistry with Principle 8: Avoid chemical derivatives: Derivatives use additional reagents and generate waste. The naturally aggressive Warhorse has a softer side too. Using Non GMO food grade oils, we use the whole oil, or as much of it as we can get. It's common to make soaps and cosmetics from parts of the oil molecule. Derivatives take extra refining and allow for more water to be used in the product.  Warhorse's Pet and Equine Shampoos and our Sweet Salvage line are made with coconut, sunflower, castor, avocado, almond oils as the foundation. These oils are well-known and have age-old benefits. We like that our customers can read the label pretty easily. We're constantly scouting for new sources of unrefined oils too! 

It might be hard to get excited about chemistry. But here at Warhorse Solutions, we love it. It's in our blood, our green blood.