Our Warhorse, Your Water. Here's Why...

Ok, I just have to explain what we mean when we say "Our Warhorse, Your Water."  

  • One gallon of naturally aggressive, fiercely kind Pure Gold or Multi Purpose Cleaner makes about 40 bottles of 32oz multi surface cleaner.  Or, Warhorse washes 100 cars, or does 128 loads of lightly soiled clothes or blankets. Warhorse packs in as many active ingredients as we can.  Use more or less as needed. You decide. You add the water.   I could do the math on pennies/oz, but most folks have a calculator on their cell phones....

Here's how this plays out in real world applications:

  • Cooper Riis in Mill Spring, NC saves LOTS of money by adding their own water to Warhorse when they clean floors, containers, walls, woodwork, dining room.  No irritating VOCs to breathe when cleaning.  
  • West End Bakery in Asheville, NC saves LOTS of money by adding their own water. Plus, staff love the Non GMO verified Pure Gold as they really like that Solio raw sunflower oil that we use.  Hands feel great while cleaning and no chemical smells mixing with the awesome aroma of their food.  Nothing worse than the wonderful smell of a rich, dark roast coffee getting hijacked by the long lingering scent of a synthetic smelling pink or purple cleaner.
  • Warhorse has cleaned The Hare and The Hound in Landrum, SC for 6 years--grimy, greasy wood floors get clean and buffed.  Restaurants need to add their own water because they are out to save money.  Plus, one Warhorse does many jobs.
  • The Tryon International Equestrian Center housekeeping and maintenance staff appreciate how aggressive on grime and gentle on their skin and lungs Warhorse works.  And they save lots of money by adding their own water.  
  • Tryon Fire Department uses Warhorse in a bucket for washing fire trucks, and puts some in spray bottles for interior cleaning.  No coughing and itchy skin with Warhorse.  And it cleans the fire house too.  

"I don't want to have to get an empty spray bottle to use Warhorse cleaners. Won't you sell Warhorse ready to use?"  

Warhorse doesn't make a watered down bottle of cleaner. And, I don't want to start.  People and businesses need their hard earned money to buy as much value as possible.  While growing up, my mother's hourly pay had to go as far as she could stretch it.  When we opened a can of Campbell's soup, we added two cans of water instead of one.

 Warhorse knows what it means to try to make ends meet.

Besides, it's convenient to get a spray bottle--Amazon has a great selection--a pretty one that matches the decor, or a hardy industrial version. So get one while shopping for other stuff. We buy a garlic press, a pepper grinder, a bucket for washing the fire truck, a loofah for bathing, a dog bowl for the dog food, a brush for grooming....  I can go on if you don't get my point.  

Furthermore, there's probably a near-empty spray bottle under the counter that could be reused. 

Our Warhorse, Your Water.