Role Models Come In All Shapes and Sizes

It's always good when I reconnect with a source of inspiration, one of my teachers. This past Sunday, I visited Noble at his farm, just a few miles from my home.

Maybe some of you remember Noble, our WARHORSE. Eleven years ago, I met him through one of my high school students. Just a little bit of time with Noble...and he became one of my inspirations, a catalyst, in fact.

Here's Noble, 11 years ago--looking a bit naturally aggressive, just let out of his stall and kicking up some dirt before he heads out to a night of pasture bliss. Spirited inspiration. 

Noble pic.jpg
DSC03239 copy.JPG





Noble has always been kind to his friends and neighbors.  Plays and travels well with others--horses, dogs, cats, and humans.




Yes, like me, he's 11 years older than when this WARHORSE journey started. And he's lost an eye, cysts have attacked his leg joints, and he's not racing up the hills and through the woods behind his barn. 

Yet, Noble's still moving, head up and happy, sharing his pasture with new rescue arrivals and new, young friends. 


Old age and aching bones are no excuse to stop moving, to relent.  I'm glad to have visited Noble and gotten a good kick in the pants.