Do More With Less

It's possible--and rewarding-- to do more with less. I used this skill approach when I taught high school: every school and every student could use more resources, but we have to make the most of what we have--including developing and honing our own brainpower and skills.  Furthermore,  when we're "given" something, we lose the opportunity to solve our own problems--we lose innovation, work ethic, grit, collaboration, focus. So when I had the chance to make a cleaner using plant oil leftovers, I set out to see how much "work" I could make this soap tackle, and do it as safe and "clean" as possible.  For the "mammal" products, I foraged for well-known, humble "superfoods" that deliver a buffet of functions and benefits, and had a long history of science behind them.

 Even when washing a firetruck, our hands and skin are exposed--the skin is the largest organ, so it matters! Yes, our recipes could be more "exotic," but what's the point when superfoods that we eat can work to clean as well?   Yes, we can do more with less.