We don't buy another company's starter kit. We start from scratch.

I've got something to say, and I'm just gonna say it:

WARHORSE makes a perfect hand soap, a pet shampoo, a body wash, a horse shampoo, a truck cleaner.  It's all about cleaning well and protecting the skin from toxins. 

There! I said it!  I've tried to be humble about our extraordinary soaps and let others speak for us. Yes, word of mouth is working and we're grateful for every customer feedback we get.

But it's time for me to speak up, and stop sitting in the back of the class, raising my hands politely and waiting.  Maybe I've been too humble, too quiet. Besides, I am asked all the time, "What makes WARHORSE different?"  So I better have an answer. 

WARHORSE is raring up and kicking down the barn door.  

This is Noble, our naturally aggressive WARHORSE who embodies our soaps--strong when necessary and gentle when needed. He's no wall flower. Can't you tell?

Here's why we have something different that really works--cleans and protects your skin and the environment:

A perfect cleaning solution starts from the ground up, from scratch. We don't buy another company's starter kit.  

We don't buy a coconut base and add a few ingredients and call it our own.  We don't use decyl glucoside or cocamidopropyl betaine. They make lots of bubbles. They are easier to get. We could use them, but we don't. WARHORSE wants minimally processed, as-close-to-the ground ingredients as we can. Our goal is to harvest plant oils that still retain much of their natural benefits.  

We're fanatical about our ingredients and our special blending process. The coconut, sunflower, castor, avocado, sweet almond oils work well together.This refined recipe provides lots of luxurious lather, lots of moisturizers, and lots of cleaning action. And a little goes a long way. About a 1/2 pump gets the job done. 

I've been on many hunting trips. Homemade recycled plant biofuel powers my car or truck across the US while working for WARHORSE.  This trip I'm up in Catawba County looking for some local non gmo canola oil for my Multi Purpose Fleet and Farm Cleaner.







Now I'm in Georgia, meeting a sunflower farmer, whom I talked into selling me an unrefined sunflower oil for my mammal soaps.   Thank goodness he and his farming brothers have let me through the door.




Here's the glorious stuff that comes to my NC soap pot. This raw oil contains lots of moisturizing sunflower wax, and retains its natural antioxidants, lecithin, vitamin E.   And we choose other plant oils that are mechanically pressed with no pesticides or metals. We forage for minimally processed oils and nothing synthetic and no petroleum ingredients.

Set out to make the most wholesome and extraordinary skin soap, I started in a 50 gallon pot and a boat paddle.  Eventually, I moved up to a 600 gallon pot and help from my sister. Years later, I had to load it all up, find a way to make it in even larger pots, and teach a team of local folks to help. So I moved my equipment to a bigger place.  

 We gave away our soaps and cleaners for 4 years, getting feedback from our community, veterinarians, horse farms. And we refined our recipes until we were told "This is perfect. Don't change anything."  

And we haven't--other than a bigger soap pot

Whether you're washing your grime laden hands, your funky skunky dog, your sweaty slobber ridden horse, your dirty dusty firetruck, your fly specked house siding, WARHORSE gets the job done without chemicals--nothing to hurt your skin our your lungs.

Yeah, we try to let our ingredients and customers speak for us. But sometimes, we just have to speak up.

We're not afraid to compete, so compare us to what's in your bottles.

Test us. See what we're made of.

Ok, I admit WARHORSE isn't perfect. But we're trying.